Christmas can be an expensive time of year so this post is all about low cost advent calendar ideas. My kids love counting down to Christmas but I don’t want them to be eating chocolate or lollies every time they open the door on the advent calendar. So last year I tried this out and the kids loved it. I bought little envelopes and numbered them 1 to 25. I hung them with string from branches on a pot plant we have inside. In some of them I put little trinkets such as little stickers, erasers or toys that I had saved from lolly bags they had received from parties throughout the year.¬†However most of them were filled with coupons for low cost activities instead.

So I am sharing some of the ideas I use but I am sure our Sprout community will come up with even more great ideas for this. Feel free to share on our Facebook post for this blog some of the ideas you have.


  • You get to choose your favourite dinner for tonight
  • An extra story at bedtime coupon
  • Choose a game for family game night
  • Make a Christmas decoration with Mum/Dad tonight
  • Bake Christmas cookies after school
  • A play at the beach
  • A play at the park
  • A visit to houses with Christmas lights tonight
  • An after dinner treat
  • A family movie night with popcorn
  • Stay up late once card till …….(time) coupon
  • A Christmas photo session and send the photos to grandparents
  • Extra time on ipad/wii/playstation for ……..(mins) coupon
  • Family picnic
  • Christmas dot to dot sheet to do together
  • Christmas colouring sheet to do together
  • Favourite breakfast coupon
  • A visit to a play centre coupon
  • A visit to the library to get a Christmas book
  • A massage
  • A lunch order from school
  • A sleepover at Grandparents coupon
  • A pillow fight coupon
  • Shopping for a present for your teacher
  • Play your favourite Christmas song

Make up some of these coupons for your advent calendar and watch your kids faces light up. All while you save some money.  Have fun!!

Monica Leo

Monica Leo, Occupational Therapist