One of our core values at Sprout is always being open to improving our OT service so we keep providing the best OT service we can.  We regularly check in at our team meetings to see how we are aligning ourselves with this value.  We have spent the last few months reviewing this and evaluating what needs to change so we can continue to provide the best OT services for kids on the Mornington Peninsula.  Our health system is undergoing some major changes and within a few weeks the official rollout of the NDIS in our area starts.  Our Sprout families are important to us so we wanted to update you about what has been going on at Sprout!!

Changes to the Sprout team

WOWSERS!!! Over the last 6 months there have been quite a few changes to our little team.  We had to sadly farewell two of our OTs. At the end of the year Shona Leahy finished up so that she could embark on some overseas travel adventures. We are soooooo excited for our quirky little “Shones” who often kept us laughing with her little joke boards around the office and her cute facial expressions. We will be looking out to see if we can see her in the audience at Eurovision this year as it has been a dream of hers to attend.

Our amazing Carah Jones also left to stretch her wings.  Carah has been with Sprout for over 7 years as she started with us when in her first year out of university.  She has been our resident specialist in working with kids with trauma over the last few years and has grown so much professionally and personally in her time with us, which has been such an honour to watch. She had strong connections with a lot of the families she worked with at Sprout. Carah and her family are moving north of Melbourne and she will be doing some private OT work up that way and we wish her all the best.

Some of you are also aware that Monica has been on extended medical leave.  Quick update – she is making progress with her treatment but will still need to be on leave for a number of months yet. Monica and her family wish to thank the incredible Sprout team and families for all their support over the past months.

However with the loss of two of our staff members, Monica has been on the hunt for new OT team members. As you know she has pretty high standards so it has taken a little longer than we had hoped, but we can now announce we have a new full time OT starting in April.  We are still on the search for at least one more OT so if you know a good Paediatric OT that might be interested please tell them to call or email us.

Our administration team is also expanding to help us service more families and transition smoothly to NDIS.  Meaghan who has been our Admin Assistant for the past year and a bit, will in Term 2 move into a Practice/Office Manager position and we will have the lovely Michelle joining us in Term 2 as an almost full time Admin Assistant (she does a radio program on Friday mornings – more details to come!!)

Improvements to our systems

To further increase our ability to service families more efficiently, we have embarked on some big changes to our IT support systems. You may notice in Term 2 that we are using some new systems and please be patient with us as there will no doubt be a few teething problems despite our best efforts to set them up correctly and iron out the bugs.

We are moving over to a new Practice management software and the OTs will all have internet access whilst out doing their visits with the aim of being able to track our appointments better and to get session notes to you faster for the visit sessions. You will also be receiving invoices for the visit sessions in a more timely manner under the new system.

We are also introducing a new payment system on our invoices that we email out for visit based sessions through Integrapay.  This will allow you to press the “PAY NOW” button that will be on our invoices to pay immediately via credit card or direct debit.  We will be sending out new payment terms and conditions to explain these changes to our current clients shortly. We hope this makes it easier for families to track and keep up to date with their invoices for visit sessions as families have identified to us that this has been an issue in the past.  Thank you for that feedback and we hope this helps resolve a lot of those problems.


Lots of improvements here at Sprout, as we continue to focus on providing your children with the best OT service on the Mornington Peninsula.  We are always open to feedback and hearing your ideas so if you can think of other changes we can make to improve feel free to call us at the clinic on 03 5975 9197.