It’s no secret…I love books! No really…I loooooooove books! And thankfully, Hudson has inherited my love for books too! One of our favourite past times is curling up with an assortment of books and getting lost in their pages.

I am drawn to all kinds of books, but lately my favourites are those which will eventually develop Hudson’s ability to understand and interpret his emotions, and most importantly, communicate his feelings to us. We all know this can be particularly tricky for many kids, so books can be a fun and relaxed way to encourage open discussions and exploration.

I wanted to share with you my current favourite books, all of which are quirky and fun, and will help encourage family discussions about ‘feelings’.


In My Heart- Jo Witeck

This bright and colourful book explores a range of emotions kept within our ‘heart’, including ‘shy, silly, afraid and hopeful’. Each page explores how you may feel or react to a different emotion by painting beautiful visualisations. It is a lovely book to help introduce the idea that we are capable of feeling a wide range of emotions.

In my heart

In my heart

Worries are like Clouds- Shona Innes & Irisz Agocs

This gorgeous little book likens ‘worries’ to a cloud that can follow you around and darken your day. Written by a Psychologist, this book not only helps children to understand how their worries may affect them, it also offers a range of activities that you can do to help relieve your worries, including:  sharing your worries with someone they love, setting their worry free, and slow deep breaths.

worries are like clouds

Worries are like clouds

A-Z of Emotions- Madalena Moniz

Adored, Brilliant, Curious, Daring…this simple book, filled with quirky images, introduces an ‘emotion’ for every letter of the alphabet. This book could be used as a prompt to talk about the less commonly talked about emotions, as well as coming up with your own list of emotions for each letter.

A-Z of emotions

A-Z of emotions

Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)- Keith Negley

This book explores the notion that even superheros and tough guys are sometimes faced with challenging times, and it’s ok to show how you feel when things just aren’t going your way. I particularly love that this book leaves you with an image of a young boy sharing his feelings with his dad. Even though it is more suited to the boys in your life, it can be easily adapted for girls and the wonder women in your life.

Tough Guys have feelings too

Tough Guys have feelings too


These books invite the reader to explore their own experiences of a range of feelings. You may like to use reflective questioning after reading each story to help your child explore their feelings further, for example:

‘When do you feel really happy/scared/brave..etc.’

‘If you are feeling worried, what do you think you could do to help make you feel less upset?’

‘What feelings have you had today? What made you feel that way?’

We’d love to hear what other books you and your family cherish, please leave your thoughts on our Facebook page link to this blog!

Happy Reading!

Krista Lenders and Hudson

Krista Lenders and Hudson