Change can be hard. Especially when that change is something that has not been in your control. Change can keep you up at night, have your mind racing with thoughts, affect your mood and make it feel harder to get through the day.

Change can also be the catalyst for amazing growth. However to do this you need to keep your perspective of it positive.  We can’t always control the things around us that change, but we can try to control our view of those changes.  We can control how we choose to respond to it. We can choose to be proactive or reactive (in most cases – people with significant mental illness for example are not always able to do this).

Having run Sprout over the last 10 years, I have seen many changes in my time here.  Just the other day we were reminiscing about past OTs who had worked with me when I first started.  I am proud to say I am still in touch in some form or other with many of the OTs who have worked here and those I am not in touch with I still have nothing but positive wishes for.

This year our team has continued to undergo some big changes, and whilst some of these changes are difficult, we also choose to view this as a great opportunity for growth.  I want to take this opportunity to keep you up to date with some of these changes and to thank some of the people involved;


Davina Pasmanik


Last we week said a sad farewell to the awesome Davina Pasmanik. Davina had worked with Sprout for 6 years on and off, having two children during that time. We already miss her but she has chosen to grow with a new challenge at Frankston ELMHS and we are super proud of her. Lucky for us she isn’t far away so we can still catch up to hear her stories, in the way only Davina can tell them!!


Carah Jones

Carah Jones


Our wonderful Carah Jones went on maternity leave in July and in August had the magical experience of welcoming her first baby, Isaac into the world. Carah is currently enjoying her maternal bliss but we hope to have her back on board next year. It is awfully quiet in the office without her bouncing around and pulling her funny “Carah” faces.



Krista Lenders


What will we do without this lady? Yes our “lovely ray of sunshine” Krista is also growing….she is pregnant with her first bub too!! Fortunately we have her with us till the end of the year to keep us organised and in line. We are so excited to watch this amazing woman become an amazing mum too.



You have also already hopefully met our two newest team members Maike and Shona who are fitting in fantastically.  You may also have read about our first fur team member, Magick too!

As much as all this change scares me, it also challenges me to grow and for our team to grow. We hope you enjoy growing with us over the next year as we embrace these changes.

Monica Leo