Friendship / Buddy Building groups – Help your child make and keep friends!

If your child is struggling to make friends, maintain friendships, having difficulty getting along with peers, is being bullied, is anxious about peer interactions, lacks self esteem or just wants to make some new friends, then this is the group for them.

Group members participate in an introductory goal setting session with one of our OTs prior to the group starting, unless they are already receiving Sprout OT services.

The program will cover topics such as:

  • Getting to know each other
  • Identifying friendship building and blocking behaviours
  • Strategies for self regulation
  • Safe ways to express emotions
  • Listening skills and communication styles
  • Recognising perspectives of others
  • Problem solving and compromising

Groups run for children 7-13 years of age in both school holidays and during term time based on need. Contact us for more information.

School Readiness Groups

Give your child a confident start to school with this group. Many children do well at their Prep transition groups but then over the long holiday break start to feel anxious about starting school. This group run in the last weeks of January and can make a huge difference to your child starting school confidently and calmly.

The program includes:

  • Practice of a school routine (i.e. mat time, recess, table work, taking the roll, etc)
  • Fun pre-writing and pre-reading activities.
  • PMP / PE games.
  • Practice of independent work.
  • Practice of how to meet new friends.

There are a maximum of 6 places in these groups. Contact us for more information.

Moving on — Stepping up to secondary school

Looking for a stress free start to secondary school for your child? One of the major transitions for children, especially children with Autism Spectrum Disorders or Anxiety related issues, is the move up to Secondary school. This unique program assists this group of children prepare for that step.

Goals of the program:

  • To provide a specialist facilitated environment for students to share their concerns related to their transition to Year Seven and to problem solve around these concerns as a group.
  • To introduce strategies for each participant to manage their school transition related anxieties.
  • To introduce strategies to prepare the students to manage organising their own diary, timetable and belongings in Year Seven.
  • To explore learning styles and explore specific study strategies which could be implemented by them at home and/or school.
  • To explore social skills required, including introducing themselves to new peers and teachers.

This group runs throughout October – February to assist secondary school kids make a successful move from Grade 6 into Year 7.

Contact us for more information.