The Sprout team is so excited to welcome Meaghan Peck! Meaghan is a Mornington Peninsula local and some of you may recognise her friendly face as she has been running some wonderful Autism Education events with guest speakers this year (which she is planning to do more of!!). Meaghan will be using her extraordinary organisational skills to help us out with our administration work – be patient with us all whilst we transition over to getting Meaghan to do our invoicing, intakes and manage the day to day running of things with us. We are sure she will whip us into shape soon and hopefully this will mean a smoother experience for our Sprout families.

Anyone who joins the Sprout team gets to choose their initiation – walk over hot coals or answer our silly questions. For some reason everyone keeps choosing the questions…so here are Meaghan’s answers so you can get to know her better.

Favourite colour?



Sweet or savoury?



Summer or winter?



Curtains or ducks?

Curtains – they don’t poo


Why did you want to work Sprout?

I am passionate about working in the area of special needs


Favourite childhood memory?

Royal Melbourne Show. My dad used to have a stand there and we used to get to hang out there all day


Favourite childhood TV show?

The Early bird show


Describe your ideal day?

My house would be spotless, the sun would be shining, and I would be hanging out with my family


Is there a quote you live by?

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same thing.


Sprout started in 2006 what were you doing then?

Having my second baby


If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you bring and why?

A book, kombucha and my family


If you could have three people over for dinner, who would they be and why?

Bruce Springsteen because I love him….Bill Nason so I could pick his brain and …Barack Obama!!


Welcome to the team Meaghan…we really are so lucky to have you!