Do you have fond memories of starting secondary school?

I  spent a lot of time recently thinking about ‘the good old days’ of secondary school. I was one of the lucky ones…I loved secondary school and all of the opportunities it brought me. I still remember my transition to secondary school as if it was yesterday- the feeling of not knowing anyone, having no idea how to find my way around the ginormous school, and wondering how I would cope juggling multiple subjects, teachers and all that comes with this.

For some of our children the transition to secondary school is fast approaching! This can be a time of excitement, uncertainty and for some students, a time of significant anxiety and stress. And for those with additional needs, the transition to secondary school can be much more challenging.

It is time to ask yourself- are we (yourself and your child) ready for secondary school?

  • Do you know how your child is feeling about changing schools?
  • If your child has additional needs, have you liaised with the welfare coordinator at the new school to develop a plan to best them during this major transition?
  • Do you know who to contact if your child is having difficulties at their new school? Does your child know what to do if they need extra support?

These may be daunting questions to ask yourself, and perhaps ones which you were trying to avoid until later in the year. With only 4 months until the start of Term One 2018, the time to act is NOW.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by thought of your child’s secondary school transition, or you and your child need some additional support to make this transition as smooth as possible then we strongly encourage you to speak to our staff about of ‘Moving On- Stepping Up to Secondary School Program’.

Our unique group program is specifically designed to prepare your child for their transition to Secondary School and to make it as easy and stress free as possible. Each group participant will receive:

  • Strategies that you can put into place IMMEDIATELY to help your child through this challenging time.
  • Expert intervention and support delivered by an experienced Psychologist and Occupational Therapist who have successfully assisted other families transition smoothly to Year 7
  • Advice for your child’s new school so that the teachers are prepared from the first day in how to best support your child- help your child’s needs stand out from the crowd!

Not to mention the peace of mind that you have prepared your child as best as you can for this significant life transition- we believe this is priceless. The money you invest into sending your child to this group now will be much wiser spent than the money you will be spending on therapy after the transition if you do not get it right.

For more information in regards to our ‘Moving On- Stepping Up to Secondary School’ group please contact the Sprout clinic on 5975 9197.

Krista Lenders