It’s that time of year again. The countdown is on for our kids to start the new school year again.

The holidays have provided a much needed break for kids and parents (although I know some parents are ready for their kids to go back!!)

As parents we are always hopeful that our kids will have a good year at school…and here are 4 easy ways you can make sure they get off to a good start…

1. Start getting them to bed earlier.

Many families on summer holidays let their children go to bed a bit later, especially with daylight savings. When it’s still light outside the kids don’t want to sleep. It can be nice to have a more relaxed approach over holidays but this can mean that a regular bedtime has gone out the window.

Now, with a week to go it is important to start getting your kids into a regular bedtime routine again. It may take a week for them to get used to it. Also if you start dealing with the inevitable “resistance” from the kids now, then you won’t be battling them the night before the first day of school.

We all want them to have the best night’s sleep they can before the first day back at school don’t we?

2. Snack and lunch times.

I LOVE not having to rush to make school/kinder lunch boxes every day!! It’s one of the best things about the holidays for me.

However, I have started doing it again this week for a number of reasons:

  • I am trying to get my kids back into the times they will be eating at school. Most schools have a “fruit break” around 10, morning snack around 11 and then lunch around 1-1.30.
  • I am packing it as it would be in their lunchboxes so they can practise getting it out themselves and I can see if the youngest who starts Prep this year can manage any packaging.
  • We have marked their water bottles with where they can try to drink up to for recess time and lunch time to ensure they remember drink throughout the day (and not come home and drink heaps and then have trouble staying dry through the night!).

3. Countdown

We have downloaded a little visual to help us countdown the days and we mark it off each day. I have started reading the youngest who starts Prep this year (OMG my baby is going to Prep!!! That’s a whole other story!!) a story about some things to expect at school to remind him because even though his transition sessions went well, it’s been a few weeks since then. I also have one to explain “recess” breaks and that they can be a good time to go to the toilet!!

Please email me at if you would like copies of the stories (sorry haven’t figured out how to put them on the website so you can download them!).

I used this link for the countdown card

4. Getting your child organised.

We made some little visual cards to go on a key ring on my child’s bag. He is practising looking at these every day and checking he has got the things on them in his bag; drink bottle, lunch box, hat, jumper, library bag, reader etc.

I am also planning on getting him to do a quick check when I pick him up at the end of the day. My youngest is adorable but he is not great at organising his belongings but it is something I would like him to get more independent at!!

Again please email me for a printable copy of the visuals for the school bag.

Hoping you find these useful and that you and your kids have a smooth transition to school this year.

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