Sprout is oh so delighted to introduce to you another new member of our family. Introducing… Keelin!

Keelin has been helping out around the place for a little while now so she may be familiar to some of you Sproutian’s. We are so happy to have you on board full time Keelin..

Here are her Sprout Q&A answers

Favourite colour?

Sweet or savoury?
Savoury. I love cheese.

Summer or winter?

Curtains or duck?
I’m not sure? A duck?

Why did you become an OT?
It took me a little while to work out what I wanted to do as a career. Being a nanny since I was 11, I always knew I enjoyed working with children and their parents. I am drawn towards talking to people and helping them. Making kids laugh is one of my favourite things to do. After volunteering at Royal Children’s Hospital for a number of years, I realised that helping children and families through challenging situations was one of the most meaningful and important roles I could have. Now, I get a thrill whenever someone calls me an Occupational Therapist and I couldn’t be prouder to be able to support kids as they grow.

Favourite childhood memory?
My uncle swinging my brother, my cousins and me on a swing at his property in Zimbabwe. Most of my favourite childhood memories are from when my family and I lived in Africa.

Favourite childhood TV show?
The Simpsons

Describe your ideal day?
My ideal day would be spent with all of my family in the same place. Everyone is spread across the globe and we don’t get to spend time together very often.

Is there a quote you live by?
“We are what we repeatedly do.”

Sprout started in 2006 what were you doing then?
I was changing high schools. I moved from an all girls school to a local public high school which was closer to home and a great drama school (I love performing).

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you bring and why?
A good book, my boyfriend so I could complain to someone and a big bottle of water

If you could have three people over for dinner, who would they be and why?
I don’t know how well they would mingle, but…
– Jon Kabat Zin, because he knows quite a bit about meditating and maybe he could teach me about being calm.
– Robin Williams, because he always makes me laugh.
– Dr Gabor Mate, he is interesting and knowledgeable about the impact of childhood experiences on the rest of our lives.

Please make sure you give Keelin a big friendly hello if you see her around!

Have a great day,