Workshops and Seminars

We believe the more we can share our knowledge and experience, the more it helps the kids we work with. Sprout runs a range of training and information seminars for parents, teachers and other professionals on a range of specialist areas related to developing social, sensorimotor, emotional and other skill areas for children with special needs.   Seminars run to date include:

  • Using visual cues to teach and promote positive social behaviours in children.
  • Senseability – Multisensory learning
  • To pretend or not to pretend – Why pretend play is important?
  • How does your engine run? The Alert Programme for self-regulation
  • Helping children make and keep friends
  • Snip, Snip, teaching scissor skills
  • Practically Social – teaching children with Autism/Asperger’s friendship skills
  • Getting hands ready for school tasks
  • Fun finger stuff – activities for developing writing skills
  • What is Autism/Asperger’s clearing up the myths
  • Successful sensory processing strategies for the classroom
  • Calm your child for better sleep